iCloud Odyssey

Hello 2024

This is the first week of my new year. (I start new year the following week because I take the first week to review the previous year, so today is actually the 8th of January). Before launching into what I want to accomplish this week I want to set some larger intentions for this year.

Use the dev log

I created this dev log with the idea that I can keep myself on track by journaling about what I have been working on. I hope this log keeps me more accountable and helps me stay focused on the priority for the week. I feel that taking the time to

I believe writting is also a discovery process and I hope to use this space to gain insights into my app and the development process itself.

Touch the code base everyday

I want my git hub activity page at the end of the year to reflect the fact that I always made some progress on the project. That will force me to make smaller commits and work and some feature each day. If I can show up for iOS everyday I believe that I will improve as a developer and see consistent progress.

Have a consistent schedule

My Monday - Friday hours are going to be from 8am - 11:30 on an ideal day. Even if I get a late start I still want to shop up somewhere in this time frame. Coding should take place during this time. I want to code in iOS no more than 4 hours a day. I think this will prevent burnout and help me stay focused and do high quality work. In the afternoon I would like to make time to work on other aspects of the project such as project management, graphic design, and enrichment through reading in SuperMemo.

Try to find a job in iOS

Getting a job as an iOS developer would allow me to learn and get paid for something I already love doing. It takes time to find that dream job so make sure to continually apply to jobs. Take advantage of networking oppurtunities as they arise.


The weeken is the time where it might be challenging to get that hour of code in since I have teaching commitments in the morning. It might need to postpone meditation & workout & start coding shortly after waking up.

So the hours of coding per month would ideally work out to be about 17 hours a week, 68 a month, & 816 a year. I hope to go above this number but I think its a great baseline goal for the year.

Week 2 (January 8th) Goal

I want to start these logs by setting a realistic goal for each week. So here we go.

iCloud de-duplication is tested and working

Monday - Wednesday

Not as focused as I had hoped but worked on something each day. Always later than expected. Managed to get de-duplication to work so goal for the week was accomplished.


Today I want to figuer out what are the next steps for this project. I want to set the bar very low.

I’m very excited about using trading cards for my game. I’d like to start the prototyping process.

You really just need to make one image, one template and then bring those into a playground to experiment with the sizing. It would be a great idea to read up on how to best resize images. I want to make sure that my images look good on all devices.

I need to be knowledeable about image sizing.

Lost week

Unfortunately the rest of the week got away for me and I didn’t make much progress.